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Paying Telephone Bills by Telephone Cards

Telephone cards can be used to pay the call charges of your telephone bill of next month onwards.

Applicable telephone cards

  • Only unused telephone cards can be used.

Applicable types of services

  • Subscriber Line (telephone service), ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Hikari Denwa (IP telephone service), Hikari Denwa Office Type (IP telephone service), (excluding Hikari Denwa Office A (Ace))

Applicable charges

  • Only the call charges listed on the telephone bill can be paid by telephone cards.
Applicable : Applicable  Not applicable : Not applicable
  Fixed-Line ISDN Hikari Denwa(*2) Hikari Denwa
Office Type
Hikari Denwa Office A (Ace)
Call charges Intra-prefectural Applicable Applicable Applicable Applicable Not applicable
Inter-prefectural Applicable (*1) Applicable (*1)
Mobile phones and PHS call charges Applicable Applicable Applicable Applicable
International call charges Not applicable Not applicable Applicable Applicable
Call charges of NTT Communications listed on the telephone bill.
2)Not applicable to Hikari Denwa monthly basic charge excluding call charge (Basic plan, Anshin plan, Motto Anshin plan: 550 yen (tax-included), Hikari Denwa A(Ace): 1,122 yen (tax-included)).
A separate contract of FLETS Hikari is required to use Hikari Denwa (Basic plan, Anshin plan, Motto Anshin plan) or Hikari Denwa A(Ace).

Handling fee

  • Magnetic telephone card: 55 yen per card (tax-included)
  • * Telephone cards may not be used for call charge payment sometimes. Please call 0120-747488 (free) for more information.

For further inquiries, please dial

0120-747488 (free)
9am to 5pm Monday through Friday
(Closed Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and New Year’s Holidays [Dec.29 to Jan.3])
  • *Bills to customers for monthly usage charges, etc. will be raised by NTT Finance, a member of the NTT Group. (Subject to the services used, bills may be raised by NTT West.)
  • *To avoid making a wrong number, please confirm the number before you dial it.

Shipping address of telephone cards

Telephone card section, NTT West Billing Service Center
Dewamatchi building 2F
4-1 Dewamachi Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
920-0963 Japan
Review 21-741-1

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