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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions About Public Telephones)

Q: Who do I contact if the public phone is out of order?
A: Please contact us at the phone number below.

113 (in Japanese Only)

Hikari Denwa, mobile phones

0120-444113 (in Japanese Only)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Calls will be handled by a voice guidance system.)

  • * For information about dangerous public phone booths or broken doors, please call us at the number above.
  • * For non-hazardous public phone booths and door malfunctions, please contact us here.
  • * An operator will call back after confirming the recorded message. (Operators may handle calls directly at some times.)
  • * If emergency response is required, an operator will take your call. Follow the voice guidance to reach an operator.
  • * Repair service is available from 9am to 5pm.
Q: Can a public telephone be used during a power failure?
A: Service availability depends on the type of telephone.
Type of telephone/Service content Digital public telephone
(gray or green)
(ISDN lines)
Analog public telephone
(Analog lines)
Calls Coin Note 1 AvailableNote 2 Available If a power failure occurs during a call, the call will be interrupted and the coin or card will be returned. Redialing is necessary to resume a call.
Card Not available Not available
Emergency calls
(110, 118, 119)
Available Available  
Free-dial calls Available Available An analog public telephone requires the insertion of a coin; the coin will be returned at the end of the call. Note 1
Display Display screen Not available -  
Other Volume control Available Not available  
Voice guidance Not available Not available  
  • * circle : Available, Not available : Not available, - : Not installed
  • Note 1: A public telephone cannot be used if its coin box is full.
  • Note 2: Because digital public telephones (colored gray) are powered by batteries, they cannot be used if the battery runs down.
Q: Are emergency call buttons provided on all public telephones?
A: Although emergency call buttons are not provided on some green public telephones, emergency calls can be made from these public telephones by simply picking up the receiver and dialing the emergency number (e.g., 110 or 119).
Q: It is uncertain to determine whether international calls can be made.
A: "Can be used for international calls" will be displayed on the screens of public telephones from which international calls can be made.
Q: How to make international calls?
A: Please dial the numbers in order of: carrier access code + 010 + country code + destination number.
Q: How can I use my unused telephone cards?
A: NTT West will not buy them out, but they can be used to pay NTT West call charges. (Handling fee is required.) For payment procedures, please call 116 (no area code).
Q: My telephone card does not work on public telephones.
A: If your telephone card does not work on public telephones since an magnetic imprint of the card cannot be taken, we will exchange it for another telephone card having an equivalent number of call units vanished from the telephone card, regardless of being unused or in-use.
For more information, please contact us below.

  • * Exchange fee is free of charge. Postage will be borne by NTT West.
  • * If more than one telephone cards are applied at once, they will be exchanged one by one for another telephone card having an equivalent number of call units.

For further inquiries, please dial

Telephone Card Exchange Center
0120-145472 (Japanese only)

Service hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and year-end and New Year’s holidays <December 29 - January 3>)
* Calls can be made from mobile phones and PHS as well.
* To avoid making a wrong number, please confirm the number before you dial it.
Q: Where can I buy telephone cards?
A: You can buy them at convenience stores and train station kiosks, etc.
Please understand that some of the stores/kiosks may not carry the cards.
URL for reference: (opens a new window.)
* Japanese only.
Q: How long do I have to exchange my IC telephone cards?
A: IC telephone card, On September 30, 2016, the exchange deadline for all of the IC telephone card has expired, now and end the exchange to the magnetic telephone card.
Review W23-667-1

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