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Call Services

Call Services Digital Public Telephones
(ISDN Lines)
Analog Public Telephones
(Analog Lines)
Dial Calls false false
Telephone Directory Information (Dial 104) false false
Telegrams (Dial 115) false false
Troubleshooting Service (Dial 113) false false
Emergency Calls (Dial 110, 118 and 119) false false
Time (Dial 117) false false
Weather Forecast (Dial 177)
(Area Code + 177)
false false
Calls to IP Telephone (Dial 050) false false
Free Access (called-party charging within the same prefecture) (Dial 0800) false false
Free Dial (Toll-Free) Calls (Dial 0120) false false
Navi-Dial (Dial 0570) false false
Emergency Messaging (Dial 171) false false
Direct-Dialed International Calls circle(Note) false
  • * circle : Available, false: Not available
  • * Telephone directory information requires an additional service fee, which may be paid by inserting a telephone card with the necessary number of call units or depositing the necessary fee in coins.
  • (Note)International calls can be made from some digital public telephones.
Review 21-741-1

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