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Disaster Prevention Countermeasures

Measures to secure calls from those affected in the event of a large-scale disaster or traffic accident.

Offering public telephones free-of-charge

In order to avoid the possibility that public telephones may become inoperable due to full coin boxes or power failures that prevent using a card, calls from existing public telephones can be made free-of-charge if such measures are considered necessary.

  • Note: When a card other than our telephone card (other company's cards) is used, the call will not be toll-free. For more information, please refer to the other card companies.

How to use public telephones when toll-free calls are available during a time of disaster

Digital public telephones

picture of Digital Public Telephones
Lift the receiver, then you will hear a dial tone (continuous beep).
Dial a number.

Analog public telephones

picture of Analog Public Telephones (green)
Lift the receiver.
Deposit coins, or insert a telephone card, then you will hear a dial tone (continuous beep).
Dial a number.
Review 20-715-1

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