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Service Guide

Basic Billing System

This section describes the breakdown of telephone charges and different kinds of dialing charges.

Billing system

NTT West's Analog/INS Net (telephone service) telephone charges consist of the three categories below.

Breakdown of Analog/INS Net telephone charges

Analog/INS phone charges consist of the following items.

Initial fees

Charges to be paid for a new subscription.

Contract fee A handling charge required for a new telephone line installation
Subscription fee A charge that covers part of the cost of a new telephone facilities installation
Installation charge A charge for wiring inside the building
Cable installation fee A charge required for installing new telephone poles in the subscriber's area

Details of initial fees

Basic monthly charges

Fixed monthly charges to be paid regardless of how much you call.

Line service charges Charges required for facility maintenance and upgrade, order processing, dialing call frequency check and review, and billing and collecting
Optional service charges Charges for using Call Waiting and other optional services
Internal wiring usage charges Charges required for renting internal wiring from NTT West
Terminal equipment usage charges Charges required for renting terminal equipment such as a telephone and a PBX

Details of basic monthly charges

Dialing charges

Charges to be paid according to how much you call.

Regular time call Dialing charges for local calls, adjacent area calls, outside-the-area calls such as dialing charges for remote islands
Off-peak discount Evening discount, late night discount, weekend and holiday discounts
Optional discount Discounts when using discount options

Dialing/Communications charges

Other charges
Charges for directory assistance inquiry Charges required for using directory assistance inquiry service
Operator-assisted call charges Charges required for Time and Charges - 100 calls, 106 collect calls, etc.
Telegram charges Charges required for sending telegrams

- The dialing rate from a public phone is more expensive than calling from an Analog line. NTT West does not bill basic monthly charges or subscription fees, but only the dialing charges.

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