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Service Guide

Call Record Details

This service retains and provides subscribers with records of call/communications dates, times, duration, and numbers called using Analog or INS-Net (telephone services). NTT West takes special precautions when providing calling records to subscribers due to the confidential nature of this information.

How to record

You can choose one from the following types for recirding the call details.

(1) Record complete telephone number of the party you have called 06-xxxx-xxxx
(2) Record telephone number of the party you have called deleting the last four digits 06-xxxx-****
(3) Not record -
  • - The type of call records can be changed upon request.
  • - There is no charge for keeping records.
  • - The records are generally deleted two months after the due date.
  • - Toll-free calls such as 116, 113, Free Dial calls) are not recorded.

Inquiries regarding call record details

Please inquire at the "contacts for billing inquiries" shown on an NTT West bill.

NTT West only discloses call record details to the following people:

  1. The telephone subscriber
  2. The user of the telephone line
  3. The person who always pays the telephone bill for that line

Please check the conditions beforehand, because a letter of consent or a letter of attorney may be required when someone other than the actual telephone subscriber requests call record details, in order to keep subscriber information confidential.

Receiving itemized reports by post

If you wish your itemized report to be sent to you by post, please download the application form for call record details and receiving itemized report (in Japanese only), fill it out, and send it back to NTT West Billing Service Center.
You can find your local Billing Service Center in your prefecture from this link.

Details included in itemized reports

Itemized reports show the date, telephone number, call duration, etc. for each long-distance call (including calls to a mobile phone or a PHS) in the month. For local calls, you can confirm the number of calls and total dialing charges.

Mailing method

Itemized reports are sent with an NTT West bill or a receipt and bank transfer notice for the current month.

Handling fee


If you wish to have all calls including local call details in the itemized report, the following handling fees apply according to the number of pages used for NTT West calls. (There is no charge for postage. There is no handling fee if you are a My Billing user.)

Examples of handling fees ( for issuing itemized reports (As of February 1, 2009)
Number of pages Handling fees
Up to 9 pages ¥110
Up to 50 pages ¥264
Up to 100 pages ¥781
Up to 800 pages ¥1,177

Charges, cancelation fees, etc. shown include taxes.

  • - Handling fees are included in the telephone bill for the following month.
  • - Handling fees are required for each telephone line.

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