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Service Guide

Relocation Procedures

A guide to relocating your subscription. Procedures for relocating your telephone subscription and FLET'S service (Internet service)* are carried out together.

* To access the Internet, separate subscription and usage charges are required for an Internet service provider compatible with our service.

Go here if you are considering a new HIKARI DENWA (telephone service) at the new location


Go here to set up a new FLET'S HIKARI and HIKARI DENWA subscription when you relocate

* You will be taken to FLET'S official website (

When Using FLET'S ADSL/FLET'S ISDN (Internet Service) (in Japanese only)

Apply Analog/INS-Net

Go here to continue using your analog and FLET'S ADSL or INS-Net and FLET'S ISDN services at the new location.

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