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Service Guide

My Billing (Web Itemized Billing Service)

Please read and agree to the terms and conditions of use before applying for My Billing.

My billing overview

My Billing is a paperless, online billing statement service for customers who pay their monthly charges by automatic bank transfer or credit card.

  • Point1 Check your billing amount
  • Point2 Check your charges up to the previous day
  • Point3 Notification mail


  • - My Billing is available for customers who use credit card payment orautomatic bank transfer, and subscribe to or pay for the FLET'S access services (Internet access service) or one of the following telephone services: Analog, Analog Lite Plan, INS-Net 64, INS-Net Lite Plan, and HIKARI DENWA.
  • - My Billing is not available for the lines that use bulk mailing, bulk billing, or split billing.

Click here for the details of My Billing (in Japanese only)

  • *1 Checking your billing amount
  • - You cannot view your monthly bills that have already been issued before My Billing registration is complete.
  • - The start date for your My Billing online statement is provided in the notification letter sent about 10 days after the service registration is complete.
  • - Internet access charges shall be borne by the user.
  • - After you subscribe for My Billing, NTT West will no longer send the billing statement and related information by post.
  • *2 Checking your charges up to the previous day
  • - You can view the total dialing charges before the discount services are applied.
  • - Amounts shown does not include NTT Communications usage charges.
  • - HIKARI DENWA subscribers need to send a separate paper-based application form.
  • *3 Notification mail
  • - Please make a registration for receiving notification mail from the My Billing site.


Application procedures and conditions

You are required to pay your NTT West monthly charges by credit card or automatic bank transfer to use My Billing.

  • 1.Check your payment method
  • 2.Apply for My Billing
  • 2.Select the payment method
Credit card Automatic bank transfer


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