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Failure Information

Currently, our communication services such as telephone and Internet services are not available in some areas.

Various types of support information

Free of the public telephones

Calling charges and other charges when making calls from public telephones are free in the following areas.

  • Ishikawa

Digital Public Telephone

Photo:Digital Public Telephone

  1. When you pick up the receiver, you will hear a dial tone through the earpiece.
  2. Dial the telephone number.

Analog Public Telephone

Photo:Analog Public Telephone

  1. Pick up the receiver.
  2. When you insert coins or a calling card, you will hear a dial tone through the earpiece.
  3. Dial the telephone number.

Public telephone locations (in Japanese):

Provision of a means of communicating with evacuation centers, etc.

(1) Special Public Telephones

Installed at evacuation centers in advance and installed at the discretion of facility managers. Disaster evacuees may use it for free.

Telephone Locations (Japanese):

Photo:Special Public Telephones

(2) Installation of Special Public Wi-Fi

Some evacuation centers have special public Wi-Fi able to be used for free.

More Information (Japanese) :

Provision of Voice Mail Service

(1) Disaster Message Number (171)

A service to communicate your own safety and confirm the safety of others in the event of a disaster by recording and playing back a message.

Disaster Message Number (171) is available from the phone.
[Recording and Playback Method] * The guidance is in Japanese.
  1. Dial 1-7-1
  2. Press 1 for recording or 2 for playback.
  3. Dial the phone number "0×× ×××× ××××" to record or play back the message.
  4. Dial "9" when you finish recording the message or hang up the phone when the message has finished playing.

More information:

(2) Disaster Message Board (web171)

* Support in English, Chinese or Korean

This is a message board service that allows you to register and confirm safety information via text over the Internet.

Disaster Message Board (web171) is available from mobile phone, personal computer.
[How to Register]
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your "phone number (0×× ×××× ××××)" to store the message and click the "Register" button.
  3. Enter necessary information (name, message within 100 characters, etc.) and click the "Register" button.
[How to Verify]
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your "phone number (0×× ×××× ××××)" to confirm the message and click the "Confirm" button.
  3. Confirm the registered message

More information:

審査 19-0000-1

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