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  4. How to use the living experience

How to use the living experience

NTT WEST sets a “day for using the living experience of the disaster emergency message board (web171) service” during normal time. You are urged to experience the service together with your family members, relatives and friends.

【Day for the living experience】
  • 00:00 ? 24:00 on the 1st and 15th day of every month
  • First three days of the new year (00:00, January 1 ? 24: 00, January 3)
  • Disaster Preparedness Week (9:00, August 30 ? 17:00, September 5)
  • Disaster preparedness and Volunteer Week (9:00, January 15 ? 17:00, January 21)

Please access and use the service.

【Service conditions】
  • Message storage period: Period of use experience
  • Number of storable messages: 20
  • Note 1: The living experience may not be available if a natural disaster happens to occur.
  • Note 2: The living experience may start earlier depending on the circumstances of network operations.
  • Note 3: The registration and browsing of safety information is free of charge. Charges for Internet connection, charges for the use of a telecommunication provider, and communications charges for dial-up connection are payable separately.
  • Note 4: Is removed from the old message, if the message exceeds 20, a new message is saved.
  • Note 5: At the end of the "use experience", all the deleted message.

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