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Notice and precautions when operating your telephone

Telephone numbers you can register on Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) (telephone service) are telephone numbers of Analog phones, ISDN phones, HIKARI DENWA phones, mobile phones, etc. such as for people in the disaster-stricken area.
When using your telephone even from within the disaster-stricken area, be sure to dial the telephone number starting with the area code.
The total message service capacity is about 8 million messages. In order to make this service available to as many people in the disaster-stricken area, the service may be run with a storable message capacity other than 8 million depending on the area where the natural disaster has occurred and the situation there.
Activation of Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) will be announced during a guidance which is provided when lines are congested, and how to use the service, the areas where messages can be registered, and other information will be released through television and radio broadcasts.
Some telecommunications devices cannot be operated following the guidance provided after dialing 171. In such cases, dial “#” or similar button. If you cannot advance to the next guidance after dialing “#” or similar button, ask the manufacturer of your device for help.

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