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Environment Management by NTT West

Green NTT West Strategy Green NTT West Strategy

In June 2012, NTT West formulated the "Green NTT West Strategy" and made a declaration to dedicate all efforts toward reducing the environmental load, including optimization of electric power consumption. Three pillars, which are environmental targets to achieve by FY 2020, were set forth in the Green NTT West Strategy, namely "achievement of the Environmental Grand Design," "expansion of environmental and energy businesses" and "promotion of biodiversity conservation activities."

Achievement of the Environmental Grand Design Expansion of Environmental and Energy Businesses Promotion of Biodiversity Conservation Activities

To contribute to reduction of the load on the environment around us by reducing power consumption, paper use and the final waste disposal rate

For more details on the specific targets, please click here.

To contribute to a society that reduces the environmental load through utilization of ICT

  • ・We promote the widespread use of renewable energy such as by offering the “Eco Megane” service for visualizing power generation by solar power panels and building large-scale solar energy systems at locations suitable for solar power generation.
  • ・In our activities that make use of ICT technology and real estate, a hydroponic culture rental farm called “Mieru Eco Bata” and a rental outdoor vegetable garden known as “Mieru Saien” have been built to enable people to feel closer to the natural environment.

To promote biodiversity conservation activities in cooperation with the local communities with tree-planting as the core activity and implementing the utilization of ICT (to involve 10,000 people from all the prefectures of western Japan in the activities)

  • ・We have been implementing the “NTT West Midori Ippai Project ” which mainly focuses on tree planting in cooperation with local organizations with the aim of implementing the project in all prefectures comprising NTT West’s service area and creating an activity participation scale numbering 10,000 people.

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