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Environment Management by NTT West

Environmental Grand Design Environmental Grand Design Medium-term Targets for Reduction of Environmental Load and Monitoring the Achievement

NTT West Group has established the “Environmental Grand Design,” which sets forth, in particular, targets for power usage reduction, paper usage reduction, and final waste disposal rate, in order to realize a low carbon society and form a circulating society, moreover, implementation of the “Environmental Grand Design” is being managed under a structure which includes executive personnel from our Group.
The targets to achieve by FY 2020, which are set forth in the Environmental Grand Design, are as follows.

Reduction of Power Usage Reduction of Paper Resources Reduction of Wastes
  • ・To reduce our power use by at least t least 40% compared to FY 2008 40% and total power use by at least 20% by FY 2020 compared to FY 2010.

In FY 2010, our power use was 1.56 billion kWh and total power use was 2.108 billion kWh.

To reduce total paper usage by 2020 by at least 40% compared to FY 2008 and to reduce office paper usage per head by FY 2015 by at least 50% compared to FY 2008.

Total paper usage in FY 2008 was 39,900 t
Office paper usage per head in FY 2008 was 9,900 sheets

  • ・To reduce total final disposal rate to 1.0% for all wastes by FY 2020 (zero emission*1)
  • ・To maintain the final disposal rate for wastes from dismantled telecommunications facilities at 0.1%.

Final disposal rate in FY 2008 was 2.1%.

  • *1 Proposed by the United Nations University, this is a concept that aims at production that does not generate wastes on the whole by utilizing all wastes and byproducts generated by an industry as resources for another industry. NTT West Group defines zero emission as a final disposal rate of 1.0% or lower.

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