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[Notice] Notice on consumption tax equivalent change

August 5, 2019

Due to the consumption tax revision, the consumption tax equivalent added on NTT WEST charges will be changed from 8% to 10% from the usage of Oct 1st 2019 or later. Please see below for the specific content of change.

  • *For the services being contracted with a Hikari collaboration company, please contact the Hikari collaboration company for the information.

The new tax rate’s effective date of each fee

Effective date of 10% consumption tax is as follows

Fee categories Fees covered under the category Effective date of 10% consumption tax
Monthly usage fee Usage fee of Analog telephone, INS net line, call charge, communication fee, added function usage fee and others See table1
Basic fees of Flet’s Hikari, Hikari telephone and services which are not mentioned above, call charge, optional services usage fees and others From the usage fee of October 2019
Contract fee Contract fee for a variety of services From the order on the 1st of October 2019
Installation fee Initial installation fee of a variety of services, service switch installation fee, relocation installation fee and others From the installation on the 1st of October 2019
Purchased equipment fee *1 Purchase fees for telephone set, Hikari BOX+ and others From the delivery on the 1st of October 2019
Cancellation fee Fees which occur upon the cancellation of Flet’s Hikari, a variety of discount services and others. From the service ends on the 1st of October 2019
  • *1The tax rate will be applied as of the date of installation for the equipment with installation work and as of the delivery date for the equipment without installation work.

(table 1) Calculation period of usage fees and consumption tax rate

Calculation period of usage fees September 21~October 20 September 26~October 25 October 1~October 31 October 6~November 5
Due date November 20 November 25 December 2 December 5
Consumption tax rate 8% *2 10%
  • *2When the line is newly installed on or after October 1st 2019, 10% consumption tax will be applied.

Public telephone call duration after the consumption tax rate change

The call duration per 10 yen from October 1st 2019 onward

  daytime night-time late night, early morning
8:00AM~7:00PM 7:00PM~11:00PM(including the daytime of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) 11:00PM~8:00AM
Local calls 56.0seconds 76.0seconds
Adjacent area calls 39.5seconds 52.0seconds
Out of area calls ~ 20km 39.5seconds 52.0seconds
~ 30km 26.0seconds 35.5seconds
~ 40km 21.5seconds 26.5seconds
~ 60km 16.0seconds 20.0seconds
~ 80km 11.5seconds 15.5seconds 17.0seconds
~ 100km 10.0seconds 15.5seconds 17.0seconds
~ 160km 8.0seconds 14.0seconds 15.5seconds
160km ~ 8.0seconds 12.0seconds 13.5seconds
  • *The call duration per 10 yen for the usage of coin storage signal transmission function is equivalent to the table above.

Call NTT West Information

Service available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean.
9am to 5pm Monday through Friday
(Closed Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and New Year’s Holidays [Dec.29 to Jan.3])

  • *Can also be called from mobile phones and PHSs.
  • *To avoid making a wrong number, please confirm the number before you dial it.

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