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News Release

May 22, 2012

“Power-saving with Flet’s!”
Cloud-type electric power-related data “visualizing” service
Provision of “Flet’s Eco-megane”

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation (hereinafter “NTT West”) (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka, President: Shinichi Otake) will start providing households with an electric power-related data “visualizing” service called “Flet’s Eco-megane” (hereinafter “this service”) from July 17, 2012.

1. Background and purposes
NTT West has made efforts to reduce environmental loads through the provision of services using ICTs in preparation for the realization of a low-carbon society. We have offered a solution for “Visualizing energy-related data for corporations” as a service for corporations, and the Photovoltaic Power Generation Monitoring Service for households by establishing NTT Smile Energy Inc.* 1 in June 2011. At the same time, with increased public awareness towards power-saving due to power shortages and requests for power-saving following the Great East Japan Earthquake, effective and sustainable efforts for power-saving have become increasingly important.
Based on this background, focusing on the viewpoint that “the power-saving effect in households per day of ‘visualizing’ electric power-related data is approximately 10%,” * 2 NTT West will start providing this service from July 17, 2012, thus contributing to power-saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions by “visualizing” household power consumption.
Under the “Entire Home Digitalization (ie-digi) Concept, * 3” which is intended to deliver a convenient and comfortable lifestyle to everyone, NTT West aims through this service to realize a smart lifestyle with “ie-digi” by promoting power-saving at home.

* 1: NTT Smile Energy Inc. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka, President: Hiroaki Taniguchi) was established on June 1, 2011 as a joint venture between NTT West and OMRON Corporation. Using the two companies’ strengths and expertise, such as NTT West’s network technologies and OMRON’s advanced sensing and control technologies, and by integrating communications and control, NTT Smile Energy provides services to promote support for energy-generation & energy-saving as well as renewable energy use.
* 2: Data provided by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (in Japanese)
* 3: This is an effort advocated by NTT West to create a new lifestyle by networking all digital equipment in a house, and further networking the house with other houses. For further information, please access the following “website for Digital House.” (in Japanese)

2. Outline of “Flet’s Eco-megane”
This is a cloud-type electric power-related data “visualizing” service designed to support power-saving at home through the visualization of the home’s electricity status.
By connecting the “Electric Power Measurement Sensor” mounted on the distribution board in their home to the Internet, users can confirm their power consumption and electricity bills via their personal computer, smartphone, or tablet device.
The main features of this service are as follows:

(1) Cloud-type electric power-related data “visualizing” service
<1> Since this is a cloud-type service, your household power consumption and electricity bills can be confirmed anytime and from anywhere—at home or from outside the home such as at your work place, via a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet device.
<2> Since electric bills are calculated on the cloud server side, this service can be made to match each power company’s price plan and monthly fluctuating electricity charges.* 4
<3> Since the server has weather and temperature information for every region, users can save electric power efficiently by viewing the information along with the data of their electricity bills and power consumption.
<4> Upgrading the version at the server allows users to use new services even if they are unaware of that particular application version upgrade.
(2) Comparison of electric power situations between users
Since this service allows users to compare their power consumption and electricity bills with those of other households that use this service (the average value of households on a similar power purchase agreement), users can understand their own levels of power consumption and set new power-saving targets.
(3) Function of displaying estimated electricity bills at the end of the month
An estimate of the electricity bill at the end of the month will be calculated and displayed.
(4) Introduction of ideas for power-saving
Content will be prepared that introduces power-saving ideas, etc.

* 4: Rough estimates of electric bills are calculated based on each power company’s power purchase agreement. However, the estimates will show figures that differ from the actual charges from the power company, because different measurement methods and periods will be used for the calculations.

3. Prices for “Flet’s Eco-megane” and “Electric Power Measurement Sensor”
(1) “Flet’s Eco-megane”
- Initial registration fee: 2,100 yen (tax included)* 5
- Monthly fee: 210 yen (tax included)* 5

* 5: To use “Flet’s Eco-megane,” it is necessary to enter into a contract with Flet’s Hikari (internet access service)* 6 and the provider, and to pay for the service.
* 6: “Flet’s Hikari” is NTT West’s “Hikari” broadband service (access line), and is the general term for “Flet’s Hikari Next,” “Flet’s Hikari Light,” “Flet’s Hikari Premium,” and “B Flet’s” (all of these are Internet access services). “Flet’s Eco-megane” targets “Flet’s Hikari Next” (excluding business types), “Flet’s Hikari Light,” “ Flet’s Hikari Premium” (excluding enterprise types), “B Flet’s,” (excluding wireless-types / business types / basic types), and “Flet’s Hikari My Town” (all of these are Internet access services).

(2) “Electric Power Measurement Sensor”
- Equipment fee: 18,375 yen (tax included) (scheduled)* 7
The “Electric Power Measurement Sensor” is available also for rental use.
- Rental fee: 451 yen/month (tax included) (scheduled)* 7

* 7: If the installation is conducted by NTT West, 12,075 yen (tax included) will be charged separately to the user as the installation cost and dispatch expenses.
Details will be separately announced on NTT West’s website.

4. Service areas & terms and conditions
(1) Service areas
- 30 prefectures including Toyama, Gifu, and Shizuoka Prefectures, and other prefectures located west of those three prefectures
(2) Terms and conditions
- Users of “Flet’s Hikari”
- The “Electric Power Measurement Sensor” requires a Wi-Fi environment.

5. Starting date of the service
July 17 (Tue), 2012
* Applications for this service will be accepted from June 21 (Thu), 2012. Application details will be separately notified on NTT West’s website.

6. Future development
NTT West will continue to expand the “Flet’s Eco-megane” service. Furthermore, NTT West Group will engage in the development of its environmental & energy business in such fields as Smart City and HEMS (Home Energy Management System), including through “energy-generating,” “energy-saving,” and “energy-storing” services.
Also, the Group will further promote the realization of easy, convenient and comfortable information and communication technologies (ICTs) for home use based on its various types of Wi-Fi “Digital Home” services.

The implementation of business making the most of this service has been notified to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.

[Annex 1] “Power-saving with Flet’s!” Starting to provide Flet’s Eco-megane
[Annex 2] Equipment necessary to use “Flet’s Eco-megane”
[Annex 3] List of specifications of the Electric Power Measurement Sensor

[Inquiries in this matter from the press]
Mori / Hanasaki / Yaetsu / Yamamoto
New Business Section, Service Creation Department
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation
Tel: 06-4793-5776


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