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LINE 380 Participation in "Otsu City Public Reed Cutting Activity"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 380Participation in "Otsu City Public Reed Cutting Activity" January 26, 2020 NTT West Shiga Group

On January 26, 2020 (Sunday), the "Otsu City Public Reed Cutting Activity" was held by Otsu City at the reed colonies in front of "Activa Biwa" in Otsu City, Ogoto. A total of 18 participants, including employees and family members of NTT West Shiga Group, took part in the activity.

A member of the gramineous plant family, reeds form large colonies near the water of lakes, marshes and rivers. Besides helping to purify the water quality, reed colonies also form the habitat of birds and fish native to Lake Biwa for them to lay eggs.
This activity is held to prune the withered reeds in winter so as to promote the growth of the sprouts, maintain the reed colonies, purify the water quality of Lake Biwa and conserve as well as preserve the ecosystem.

Reeds that sprout in April would grow to a height close to two meters in as short as two to three months' time, and close to four meters from end of the year to late March of the following year. Reeds reproduce by absorbing nitrogen and phosphorous in the water during their growth, thus disinfection and removing the seeds of weeds by trimming and burning the dead reeds in winter helps to promote their growth at the beginning of spring.

Due to the warm weather this winter, the reeds and undergrowth grew faster than usual, and participants had a hard time cutting the reeds with a sickle, tying them into a bundle using a rope and transporting them.
The activity was held under harsh conditions, but nonetheless all the participants came together to devote their efforts to the tasks. It was a day that allowed the participants to reaffirm the importance of environmental conservation.

The reeds that were harvested at this activity will be made into "yoshi taimatsu" (reed torches), which will be lit with fire concurrently at seven different locations in Ogoto and other parts of Otsu City on the night of "Biwako Biraki" (start of sightseeing season at Lake Biwa) on March 7, 2020 to create a fantastical atmosphere.

NTT West Shiga Group will continue to engage earnestly in activities to conserve biodiversity together with the local community and contribute to the development of the regional society.

Participating companies
NTT West Shiga Branch
NTT Business Solutions Kansai Branch
NTT Marketing Act Kansai Branch
NTT Fieldtechno Kansai Branch
NTT Business Associe West Kansai Branch
Reed field in Shiga Prefecture, Otsu City, Ogoto
No. of participants

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