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LINE 375 Interaction Activity at "NTT Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 375Interaction Activity at "NTT Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)" November 30, 2019 NTT West Kochi Group

On November 30, 2019 (Saturday), NTT West Kochi Group carried out the 11th round of thinning works at the "NTT Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)." A total of 56 participants took part in the event, including employees, family members as well as retired employees of NTT West Kochi Group.

It was chilly in the morning with a temperature of 4.5ツコC, but it became warmer and warmer in the day, which allowed participants to enjoy engaging in the work under the windless weather and clear sky.

In November 2008, a "Cooperative Forestation Project with Environmentally-advanced Companies" four-party partnership agreement was concluded among NTT West Kochi Group, Kochi Prefecture, Kochi City and Kochi City Forest Owners' Cooperative. Ever since, NTT West Kochi Group has been engaging in activities such as building roads necessary for tree-thinning and management work at the cooperative forest named "NTT Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)."

Participants who took part in the interaction activity were divided into two groups, A and B, and a hands-on tree-thinning workshop and a woodworking class were conducted for each group.
The hands-on tree-thinning workshop was held on a slightly steep slope. Under the guidance of members of the Kochi Forest Owners' Cooperative, participants including children and adults worked together to cut down four Japanese cedar trees with a diameter of about 30cm using saws.

Meanwhile, at the woodworking class, both adult and children participants learned to make hangers. Although hanger making seems like a relatively simple process, many took a slightly longer time than expected trying to peel off the dried Japanese cypress tree bark using a knife, but nonetheless everyone succeeded in making their own original hangers.

Participants had a satisfying lunch at the end of the work, which included charcoal-grilled food, inaka sushi (a local specialty of Kochi) and miso soup with pork and vegetables. It was an enjoyable moment with their joyous laughter echoing through the quiet mountains.

NTT West Kochi Group will continue to engage actively in such activities as part of the "Midori Ippai Project."

Participating companies
Employees and family members of NTT West Kochi Group, etc. (NTT West Kochi Branch, NTT Business Solutions, NTT Marketing Act, NTT Fieldtechno, NTT Business Associe West, Kochi Denyukai)
"NTT Hikari no Mori" Cooperative Forest
No. of participants

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