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LINE 374 "Obiyamachi Symbol Road Flowerbeds" Replanting Work

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 374"Obiyamachi Symbol Road Flowerbeds" Replanting Work November 12, 2019 NTT West Kochi Group

On November 12, 2019 (Tuesday), NTT West Kochi Group engaged in a replanting activity for the Obiyamachi Symbol Road flowerbeds at the center of Kochi City.

Since the flowerbeds were installed in 1991 as "a token of hospitality with seasonal flowers" for both the locals and tourists to enjoy the seasonal blossoms, this activity has been held twice every year in June and November to replant the flowers.

This year, a total of about 33 participants, including employees and retired employees of Kochi Group, spent about an hour to replant a total of 890 flowers including pansies, which bear beautiful flowers and are able to withstand the winter coldness, as well as snow daisies, which symbolize "honesty" and "traces of winter."

As the road is visited by many tourists and well loved by the locals, participants replanted every single flower carefully to the flowerbeds on the road while hoping that everyone would feel happy and fulfilled from appreciating the beautiful flowers.

We look forward to seeing the colorful blossoms along the road, which mark the arrival of a new season, and hope they will offer a pleasant experience to the passers-by.

NTT West Kochi Group will continue to engage in this activity as part of the "Midori Ippai Project" to contribute to the development of the local communities and protection of natural environment by filling the areas around Obiyamachi with flowers and greenery.

Organizing companies
NTT West Kochi Branch
NTT Business Solutions
NTT Marketing Act
NTT Business Associe West
Kochi Denyukai
Flowerbeds in front of NTT West Kochi Branch building
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