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LINE 373 NTT Clean Environment Mission 2019 in Ehime

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 373NTT Clean Environment Mission 2019 in Ehime December 14, 2019 NTT West Ehime Group

On December 14, 2019 (Saturday), NTT West Ehime Group held the "NTT Clean Environment Mission 2019 in Ehime" at Dogo Park in Matsuyama City.

Situated next to the famous Dogo Onsen and selected as one of Japan's top 100 historical parks, the entire Dogo Park forms the ruins of "Yuzuki Castle," which existed for 250 years from early 14th to late 16th century as the base of Kono, the guardian of Iyo Province. Remnants of the land apportion, such as moats and mounds, can still be seen today at the park, which is now a recreation area for walks and relaxation by many local residents and tourists.
It is also a famous cherry blossom spot with about 300 somei-yoshino cherry trees that attract large crowds of cherry blossom visitors in spring.

Held every December, this is the 26th round of the activity that has become a regular year-end event. This time, a total of about 350 participants who are employees, family members as well as retired members of NTT Group companies from Matsuyama City and nearby regions took part in the activity since the early morning.

Participants started by spreading fallen leaves and mud stuck in the drains on the hills around the roots of the trees and gathering fallen leaves that scattered along the pavements, followed by picking up trash and weeding at the rest areas and gardens in the park.
As many as about 60 bags of fallen leaves were collected. These were disposed of as combustible garbage until last year, but thanks to members of the Dogo Park administration office who supported the purpose of the "Midori Ippai Project" and created and offered a free enclosed space for making leaf mold from the fallen leaves, we started to engage in the initiative to return the leaves to the forest.

Lastly, everyone moved the fallen leaves to the enclosure, and took a commemorative photo while hoping that the leaves will turn into leaf mold after some time and help to promote the growth of different forms of life.

NTT West Ehime Group will continue to actively contribute to the prevention of global warming and conservation of biodiversity so that Dogo Park will be able to preserve its bountiful nature and beauty as a recreation area even after the children who took part in this round of activity have grown up.

Organizing companies
NTT West Shikoku Regional Headquarters
NTT West Ehime Branch
NTT Business Solutions Shikoku Branch
NTT Marketing Act Shikoku Branch
NTT Fieldtechno Shikoku Branch
NTT Neomeit Shikoku Branch
NTT Business Associe West Shikoku Branch
NTT InfraNet Shikoku Division
NTT Comware Shikoku Branch
NTT TownPage Shikoku Sales Branch
NTT Data Shikoku
NTT West AssetPlanning Shikoku Branch
NTT-West Business Front Shikoku Branch
NTT Finance Shikoku Branch
NTT Facilities Kansai Shikoku Branch
TelWel West Nippon Shikoku Branch
Teltec Shikoku
Docomo CS Shikoku
Docomo Shikoku Branch
Ehime Denyukai
Public Telephone Communication (P Com)
Dogo Park (Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama City, Dogo Park)
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