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LINE 372 "Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)" Forest Protection Activity

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 372"Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)" Forest Protection Activity November 6, 2019 NTT West Mie Group

On November 6, 2019 (Wednesday), NTT West Mie Group held the second round of "Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)" forest protection activity for this fiscal year.

Located in Tsu City, Hakusan-cho, Kaito, Kitanunobiki, "Hikari no Mori" is a forest that is maintained under the "Corporate Forest" creation activity promoted by Mie Prefecture. Adopting the stance that "it is the social responsibility of a company to promote environmental conservation activities," this year marks the 14th round since Mie Group began to take part in the forest conservation initiative in 2011.

Harsh coldness was expected on the day of the event, which was held not long after the first cold blast, but it turned out to be a clear day that was relatively warm. A total of 31 participants, including employees and retired employees of Mie Group, spent meaningful time on this day taking part in the tree-thinning work and woodworking class.

The event started with members of the Chusei Forest Owners' Cooperative explaining the importance of tree thinning from the perspective of tree growing, which allowed participants to deepen their understanding toward the significance of forest conservation activities.

Divided into groups of five, participants entered the Japanese cypress forest and engaged in tree thinning while being watched over by staff from the Tsu City Forestry Promotion Office. Members of the forest owners' cooperative first demonstrated how thinning is performed before the participants started to engage in the work under their guidance. Participants worked together to pull down the trees by cutting a slit on them using a saw and tying a rope around each of them.

Japanese cypress trees that were cut down were then sliced into thin pieces using a chainsaw by members of the forest owners' cooperative, who gave them as souvenir to many of the participants. "You can enjoy using them for hinoki (Japanese cypress) baths or as pot mats and coasters," a member of the forest owners' cooperative said.

At the woodworking class, a woodwork kit was prepared for the participants, who learned from members of the forest owners' cooperative ways to utilize wood from trees that were being cut down in the forest, followed by trying to make chairs, boxes, birdhouses and chopsticks on their own. The participants relived their childhood as they engaged enthusiastically in making their craftwork, creating a friendly atmosphere with occasional echoes of enjoyable chats and laughter.

NTT West Mie Group will continue to work together with the local community and engage in the forest protection activities.

Organizing company
NTT West Mie Branch
Mie Prefecture, Tsu City, Hakusan-cho, Aza Kitanunobiki 28-58 NTT West Mie Branch "Hikari no Mori"
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