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LINE 368 Participation in the "17th Abe River Driftwood Cleanup Festival"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 368Participation in the "17th Abe River Driftwood Cleanup Festival" November 17, 2019 NTT West Shizuoka Group

On November 17, 2019 (Sunday), the "17th Abe River Driftwood Cleanup Festival" (hosted by the executive committee including Shizuoka Office of Rivers under Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) was held at Abekawa Shinsui Recreation Square in Aoi-ku of Shizuoka City.

Held yearly on the third Sunday of November after the typhoon season, a total of approximately 1,200 members of companies and groups took part in the festival this year, including 123 employees, family members and retired employees of NTT West Shizuoka Group, who engaged in cleaning work along the riverbed of Abe River.

With a total length of approximately 51km, Abe River is a long river that starts near the northernmost Abe Pass in Shizuoka City and flows into Suruga Bay. The upstream boasts abundant flow and clear water, and the underground water is also used for the tap water in Shizuoka City. However, due to floods caused by the typhoons and torrential rain, huge quantities of driftwood are washed ashore onto the riverside, river mouth and surrounding coastal areas.
Amidst global warming, which has been regarded as an issue in recent years, there were many typhoons that approached or hit the area this year, which caused an even larger quantity of driftwood of all sizes to be washed ashore than before. This resulted in pollution of the river and local environments, devastation of mountain forests, and even a drastic decrease in the catch of sakura shrimps and shirasu fish, which are the famous specialties of Suruga Bay.

The "Abe River Driftwood Cleanup Festival" is not just an activity to pick up driftwood. It provides a valuable opportunity to think about questions such as "why do such phenomena occur," "how does the driftwood affect the natural environment and surrounding regions," and "what can we do to hand down clean rivers and seas to the future."
Participants worked up a good sweat while picking up driftwood and trash, which helped to restore the beauty of the riverbed.

NTT West Shizuoka Group will continue to engage actively in volunteer activities to promote protection of the global environment together with the local community so as to preserve the beautiful and bountiful nature and hand it down to future generations.

Participating companies
NTT West Group (NTT West Shizuoka Branch, NTT Business Solutions, NTT Marketing Act, NTT Fieldtechno, NTT Neomeit, NTT Business Associe West, NTT Business Front, NTT Facilities, TelWel West Nippon NDS Group)
Riverbed of Abe River (from Anzai Bridge to Abekawa Bridge in Shizuoka City, Aoi-ku, Tamachi, Abekawa Shinsui Recreation Square)
No. of participants

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