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LINE 366 Participation in the Ishikawa Forestation Project

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 366Participation in the Ishikawa Forestation Project October 26 and November 2, 2019 NTT West Hokuriku Group

A total of 31 employees and family members of NTT West Hokuriku Group took part in the "Ishikawa Forestation Project" that was held on two Saturdays, October 26 and November 2, 2019. This project was hosted by Ishikawa Reforestation Promotion Association.

This activity was held twice a year in the past at three locations (Kaga, Kanazawa and Noto), and this is the first year to hold it at the Osaki Beach area of Kahoku City to plant black pine trees as part of the efforts to restore the pine grove by developing the former site of the coastal park that was closed down.

As a measure to prevent the pine trees from dying, containerized seedlings of resistant black pines were prepared.
Resistant to sea breeze and infertile soil, black pines are the best tree species for planting on sand dunes, and upon growing up, the pine grove plays the role of a disaster prevention forest that protects the coast from typhoons and tsunami.

The planting work involved placing the seedlings into the dug holes that are 1m apart from one another, followed by burying the holes with fertilizer while mixing it with the surrounding soil. The seedlings were then tied with a rope to poles pounded into the ground using a wooden hammer, and finally the soil around the root of the plants was trod firmly to prevent them from falling over as they grow.
Work was performed in the rain, which started as soon as the activity commenced. Participants who learned the techniques at the demonstration briefing session succeeded in planting close to 300 seedlings, and they will continue to keep track of their growth in future.

Meanwhile, pruning of tree branches, planting of wild grasses and fungi inoculation were carried out at the Hakui-gun, Shikamachi, Hiuchidani area.
Pruning of branches is an essential part of the afforestation process to enable the forest to grow abundantly. Excessively crowded branches were cut off using a saw to brighten and improve the visibility of the sawtooth oak tree forest in the planting area so that sunlight will reach the roots of the trees.

A type of perennial grass named Oriental Swamp Pink that grows on relatively humid locations was planted. As the soil tends to become frozen in winter and easily uplifted by frost, participants paid attention to this point and planted the grass while pressing the soil at the roots to firm it.
Next, for the harvesting of nameko mushrooms that were inoculated at the previous round of activity, the inoculated logs were found to be filled with nameko mushrooms of different sizes. Participants harvested the slimy mushrooms in baskets and brought them home as souvenir.

After completing inoculation to prepare for harvesting at the next round of activity, members of the association offered mettajiru (miso soup with pork and vegetables) to the participants, who spent relaxing time chatting happily with one another.
It was a very meaningful day for the participants, who were able to enjoy the forest creation activity in the satoyama (village forest) on a clear autumn day.

NTT West Hokuriku Group will continue to help create beautiful and bountiful satoyama (village forests) while working together with members of the local community.

Participating companies
NTT West Hokuriku Regional Headquarters
NTT Marketing Act
NTT Fieldtechno
NTT Business Solutions
NTT Neomeit
NTT Business Associe West
Ishikawa Prefecture, Kahoku City, Osaki (October 26)
Ishikawa Prefecture, Hakui-gun, Shikamachi, Hiuchidani (November 2)
No. of participants

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