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LINE 360 19th Forest Creation in a Rich Land Event

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 36019th Forest Creation in a Rich Land Event November 16, 2019 NTT West Oita Group

On November 16, 2019 (Saturday), a total of 300 participants, including NTT West Oita Group employees, volunteers from the respective companies in Oita Prefecture, university students and members of forest owners' cooperatives, took part in the "19th Forest Creation in a Rich Land" event (hosted by Oita Prefecture, Tsukumi City and Mori Net Oita (a public interest incorporated foundation)) held at Tsukumi City, Hikonouchi.

Weather was extremely fine on the day of the event.
In the opening address, the organizer said that our lives are closely associated with forests as they make up about 70% of the land area in Oita Prefecture, and urged the participants to make use of their own hands to grow and protect the forests, which create delicious water and clean air, and are effective for conservation of national land as well as prevention of disasters.

Work was performed at a terraced field with an area of 1 hectare to plant saplings of botan zakura (double cherry blossoms).
Having to move up and down the steep slope, participants paid careful attention to prevent themselves from slipping as they worked together to dig holes with a diameter of 30cm and planted a sapling into each of them. Also, as a measure against damage caused by wild deer that feed on the grass and trees in the mountains, a protective net was also installed for each sapling. Consequently, a total of 800 saplings were successfully planted.

After the tree planting activity, participants enjoyed kurome seaweed miso soup and rice balls offered by the local women's association during the break while chatting with each other. We believe that this event has allowed the participants to better appreciate the rich endowment of the forests and heighten their desire to hand it down to future generations.

Aiming to develop into a city of cherry blossoms, different varieties of cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in Tsukumi City over a relatively long period of time from February to April, starting from kawazu-zakura to tairyo-zakura, yama-zakura, somei-yoshino and botan-zakura. Participants look forward to the day when the botan-zakura trees planted at this round of activity add colors to the scenery of the flowers.

With this tree-planting event as a start, NTT West Oita Group will continue to engage in forest conservation activities to protect the global environment while cooperating with members of the local community.

Participating companies
NTT West Oita Group
"Forest Creation in a Rich Land Event" Executive Committee (Oita Prefecture, Tsukumi City, Mori Net Oita (public interest incorporated foundation))
Nippon Bunri University
Oita Junior College
Kyushu Electric Power
Nihon Forest
Omron Field Engineering
Oita Bank
Saiki Forest Owners' Co-operative Association
Public volunteers
Members of the local community
Oita Prefecture, Tsukumi City, Hikonouchi
No. of participants
300 (4 from NTT West Oita Group)

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