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LINE 358 Forest Cultivation Activity at Greenpia-Yame

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 358Forest Cultivation Activity at Greenpia-Yame October 26, 2019 NTT West Fukuoka Group

On October 26, 2019 (Saturday), NTT West Fukuoka Group engaged in the ninth round of forest cultivation activity held at "Kutsurogi no Mori - Greenpia-Yame" in Fukuoka Prefecture, Yame City, Kurogimachi. The event was participated by 87 employees and family members.

Surrounded by luxuriant natural forests, "Kutsurogi no Mori - Greenpia-Yame" is a complex that is well equipped with lodging, sports, leisure, hot spring and other facilities within an extensive area.
Forests have been scientifically proven to have a therapeutic effect, and "Kutsurogi no Mori - Greenpia-Yame" became the first accredited "Forest Therapy" site in Fukuoka Prefecture in 2008.
The place is well known for its wide variety of colorful flowers in the different seasons, including cherry blossoms in spring and hydrangea during the rainy season. It is also a famous spot for autumn leaves in fall which attracts a large number of visitors.

Ever since Fukuoka Group planted rhododendrons and autumnal trees in November 2013 and May 2014, weeding activities have been carried out every year in spring and autumn to prevent undergrowth from affecting the growth of the plants.

Rain was expected until just before the event began, but sunlight peeked through gradually and the activity was held as planned.

A briefing was conducted by the staff of Yame City Office Kurogi Branch and members of Greenpia-Yame on the safety precautions as well as "Yame Forest Therapy," an initiative that helps to achieve mental and physical wellness by making use of the forest environment nurtured by the bountiful nature. A brochure and towel was also distributed.

With a sickle in their hands, participants worked together to complete the weeding work in about an hour. Grass that was weeded was used fertilizer to help promote the growth of trees.

After the work ended, participants refreshed themselves in the hot springs inside the premises and enjoyed spending a meaningful weekend.

NTT West Fukuoka Group will continue to engage in forest conservation activities as well as environmental protection efforts that contribute to biodiversity as part of the "Midori Ippai Project" while deepening our cooperative relationship with the local government bodies.

Participating companies
NTT West Kyushu Regional Headquarters
NTT West Fukuoka Branch
NTT Business Solutions Kyushu Branch
NTT Marketing Act Kyushu Branch
NTT Fieldtechno Kyushu Branch
NTT Neomeit Kyushu Branch
NTT Business Associe West Kyushu Branch
Fukuoka Prefecture, Yame City, Kurogimachi, Greenpia-Yame
No. of participants

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