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LINE 357 Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 357Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission October 26, 2019 NTT West Tokai Group

On October 26, 2019 (Saturday), the "Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission" was held around Fujimae Higata (tidal flat) and at the mouth of Shonai River and Shinkawa River in Nagoya City, Minato-ku, a popular stopover for migratory birds.
Organized by the Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission Executive Committee, this cleaning activity is held twice a year in spring and autumn and participated yearly by employees, family members and retired employees of NTT West Tokai Group.

It had been raining continuously till the evening on the day before the event due to Typhoon No. 21, and it was uncertain whether the event could be held. Nonetheless, weather cleared up since the morning after the typhoon passed, and a total of 50 participants from Tokai Group took part in the activity.
Following the instructions from the administration office, participants were split into three groups and proceeded to the respective cleaning areas either by walking or in a minibus.

Work started with the collection of various kinds of litter that were washed ashore around the river mouth due to the typhoon, including plastic bottles, empty cans and plastic wastes. Other bulky trash such as child seat and suitcase were also removed from the river through efforts such as tying a rope to a container from the river bank where the ground was unstable.
Trash laid out on the levee was sorted into glass bottles, cans and plastics. The entire levee was piled with bags of trash in no time, and the work ended in about 90 minutes.

In recent years, the quantity of trash has been declining due to the stronger environmental awareness following the increasing popularity of biodiversity conservation activities.

The half-day activity ended with a closing ceremony, followed by interaction among the participants while enjoying their lunchbox meals.
NTT West Tokai Group will continue its efforts to help conserve biodiversity and maintain the bountiful and beautiful environment by taking part in activities similar to the Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission to protect the natural environment.

[Information Released by Organizer]
笆?Total no. of participants: 1,570
*NTT West Tokai Group: 50 (including administration office)
笆?Amount of trash collected: 1,495 bags (45 liters/bag)

Participating companies
NTT West Tokai Regional Headquarters
NTT Business Solutions Tokai Branch
NTT Marketing Act Tokai Branch
NTT Fieldtechno Tokai Branch
NTT Neomeit Tokai Branch
NTT Business Associe West Tokai Branch
Tokai Denden-kyuyukai (organization for retirees)
Retirees' Association
Nagoya, Minato-ku, Fujimae Higata (tidal flat)
No. of participants

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