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LINE 353 Participation in the "Nagara River Beautification Campaign

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 353Participation in the "Nagara River Beautification Campaign August 4, 2019 NTT West Gifu Group

On August 4, 2019 (Sunday), a total of about 6,000 volunteers from 113 groups gathered to take part in the "2nd Nagara River Beautification Campaign", including 43 participants who are employees and family members of NTT West Gifu Group.

This is a cleanup activity that is held three times a year as part of the effort to put into action the "I Love Gifu" slogan proposed by Gifu Shimbun and Gifu Broadcasting System.

Renowned as one of the three clearest rivers in Japan, water at the middle reach of Nagara River is selected as one of the hundred most exquisite waters of Japan. The river is also a famous site for the traditional cormorant fishing (ukai) activity, while a large number of spectators gather from different parts of Japan every year to watch the "Nagara River National Fireworks Festival." Held on August 3 (Saturday), a day before the cleaning activity, the first fireworks festival of the Reiwa era created a lot of excitement.

However, large quantities of litter were left scattered after the fireworks, including leftover food and packaging of lunchboxes and ashes of rocket fireworks. Participants of the activity started cleaning in the early morning and worked up a good sweat helping to protect the beautiful Nagara River.

NTT West Gifu Group will continue to engage in this initiative in order to hand down to future generations a beautiful and clear Nagara River and an environment that is conducive for biodiverse habitats.

Participating companies
NTT West Gifu Group (NTT West Gifu Branch, NTT Business Solutions, NTT Marketing Act, NTT Fieldtechno, NTT Business Associe West, NTT Facilities, TelWel West Nippon, NTT Business Front)
Riverfront of Nagara River
No. of participants
43 (including employees and family members)

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