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LINE 352 Participation in FY2019 "Mass Cleaning of Nakaumi and Lake Shinji (Ramsar Convention Sites)"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 352Participation in FY2019 "Mass Cleaning of Nakaumi and Lake Shinji (Ramsar Convention Sites)" June 9, 2019 NTT West Shimane Group

On June 9, 2019 (Sunday), NTT West Shimane Group took part in the "Mass Cleaning of Nakaumi and Lake Shinji" event as part of the environmental conservation efforts to help maintain the beautiful scenery around Lake Shinji on the eastern side of Shimane Prefecture as well as Nakaumi, which extends across the prefectural border of Shimane and Tottori.

Organized by the "Lake Shinji Water Quality Improvement Council," this activity is held jointly by Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture on a yearly basis on the second Sunday of June in the areas surrounding the two lakes after Nakaumi and Lake Shinji were registered under the Ramsar Convention on November 8, 2005.

The Ramsar Convention is a treaty on the conservation and restoration of wetlands that was adopted at an international conference held on February 2, 1971 in the city of Ramsar in Iran.
It also calls for preservation of the wetland ecosystems and sustainable utilization of the blessings that we obtain from them in order to promote conservation that strikes a balance with the livelihood and lives of the local community.

Weather was not very good on the very day, but nonetheless the event was held successfully. A total of 3,526 participants gathered at the venue in Matsue City, including 61 representatives of Shimane Group including current employees.

In the opening speech, Mayor of Matsue City who is also Chairman of the Lake Shinji Water Quality Improvement Council thanked the participants for taking part in the activity. He also highlighted the importance of conserving the rich natural environment as well as maintaining a symbiotic relationship in the areas around Nakaumi and Lake Shinji. This was followed by a greeting by Manager of Shimane Branch, who expressed the commitment to devote efforts to beautify Lake Shinji and other areas and contribute to conservation of the environment. All participants from Shimane Group then took a group photo before engaging in the cleaning work.

Participants gathered the large quantity of plastic wastes, waterweeds and driftwood that were washed ashore along Lake Shinji, and picked up litter such as plastic bottles and empty cans in the nearby parks and by the side of the roads.
8.26 tons of litter was collected at the Matsue City venue at the end of the activity, which amazingly transformed the shores of Nakaumi and Lake Shinji into a beautiful place.
A total of 6,665 participants took part in the event at the Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture venues and collected 12.07 tons of trash in total.

NTT West Shimane Group will continue to engage actively in social action programs and environmental conservation activities to preserve and hand down the world-revered and beautiful nature to future generations.

Participating companies
NTT West Shimane Branch
NTT Business Solutions, Shimane Corporate Sales Department
NTT Marketing Act, Sales Department
NTT Marketing Act, Hikari Service Promotion Department
NTT Marketing Act, Customer Solution Business Promotion Department
NTT Fieldtechno, Shimane Sales Office
NTT Business Associe West, Shimane Office
NTT-West Business Front, Shimane Sales Office
NTT Facilities Shimane Branch
NTT InfraNet, Shimane Branch
Koukoku Tsuushinsha, San-in Branch
Shore of Lake Shinji and areas around Shiragata Park and Kishi Park
No. of participants

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