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LINE 350 Participation in the "Cleaning up the Sea Campaign"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 350Participation in the "Cleaning up the Sea Campaign" Aug 4, 2019 NTT West Hiroshima Group

On Aug 4, 2019 (Sunday), NTT West Hiroshima Group took part in the "Cleaning up the Sea Campaign" held at Ogien Beach in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hatsukaichi City.

This campaign is part of the "Refresh Setouchi" project that started since 1993 to carry out cleaning activities in 11 prefectures along the coast of Seto Inland Sea to improve and conserve the environment at the Setouchi area from Oita to Wakayama.
Hiroshima Prefecture plans to perform cleaning at a total of 36 locations in 13 municipalities and is actively engaging in efforts to disseminate information through media such as PR brochures to achieve the targeted number of 6,800 volunteer participants.

Following the previous cleaning activity at Heiseigahama Beach of Saka-cho on July 15 (Monday), this is the second round of activity that Hiroshima Group took part in for this fiscal year, where a total of 66 employees and family members engaged in cleaning work for about 30 minutes.

Weather was extremely hot on the day of the event with temperature exceeding 30ツコC since the early morning. Participants looked out for each other and drank water regularly to avoid heatstroke.
Walking on muddy ground due to low tide, participants collected trash and separated them into plastic wastes that were washed ashore and natural wastes such as wood debris. Much effort was needed to remove illegally dumped items such as tires and bicycles, which were heavier due to the mud around them.

The entire beach looked amazingly clean at the end of the activity, thanks to the cooperation of all the participants.
This was a good opportunity for participants to think about what they can do to address social issues such as marine plastic wastes and illegal dumping.

NTT West Hiroshima Group will continue to take the lead to engage in cleaning and beautification activities along the beaches and coastlines together with the local community so as to take good care of and hand down the bountiful nature of Seto Inland Sea to future generations.

Participating company
NTT West Hiroshima Group
Hiroshima Prefecture, Hatsukaichi City, Ogien Beach
No. of participants

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