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LINE 349 Kinokawa River Mass Cleaning

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 349Kinokawa River Mass Cleaning July 21, 2019 NTT West Wakayama Group

On July 21, 2019 (Sunday), a total of 105 participants, including employees and family members of NTT West Wakayama Group, took part in the "Kinokawa River Mass Cleaning" activity organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

"Kinokawa River Mass Cleaning" is held as part of the "River Conservation Month" in July every year, which was established by MLIT. In addition to promoting conservation and restoration of a good river environment throughout the entire basin, the initiative aims to spread public awareness toward river conservation and appropriate utilization of rivers.

As the rainy season ended late this year, the activity was held under a cloudy sky and humid weather.
Cleaning was carried out along the stretch from Kinokawa Bridge to Civic Sports Plaza and Narutakigawa River confluence as well as the opposite shore. Participants collected large amounts of trash, including empty cans and plastic wastes, from the bushes along the levee and around the revetment.
The efforts of the participants have helped to restore the beauty of Kinokawa River. Not only did this activity contribute to beautification of the river, it also provided a good opportunity to develop interest toward understanding the realities of waste dumping.

In addition to this activity, NTT West Wakayama Group also takes part in other initiatives such as the "Tanabe Bay Cleaning Mission" and "10,000 People Mass Cleaning," as well as cleaning work around the NTT buildings. We will continue to engage actively in the promotion of community-based environmental conservation activities.

Participating companies
NTT West Wakayama Branch
NTT Business Solutions
NTT Marketing Act
NTT Fieldtechno
NTT Business Associe West
NTT-West Business Front
NTT InfraNet
NTT Finance
NTT Facilities Kansai
NTT Docomo Kansai Branch
NTT Docomo CS Kansai
NTT Data Customer Service
(Group companies in Wakayama area)
Wakayama City, Civic Sports Plaza (Area around Wakayama City, Fukushima)
Cleaning activity from Kinokawa Bridge to Civic Sports Plaza and Narutakigawa River confluence as well as at the opposite shore
No. of participants

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