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LINE 343 "Brilliant Forest" Forest Environment Conservation Activity

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 343"Brilliant Forest" Forest Environment Conservation Activity May 18, 2019 NTT West Wakayama Group

On May 18, 2019 (Saturday), NTT West Wakayama Group held a weeding and tree-planting activity at the "Brilliant Forest" located in Ryujin-mura of Tanabe City as part of the forest environment conservation efforts under the "corporate forest" project promoted by Wakayama Prefecture.

Wakayama Prefecture was the first in Japan to introduce the "corporate forest" initiative since 2002. It is a collective term for projects to conserve the forest environment within the prefecture from different approaches as part of the social and environmental contributions by organizations such as companies as well as activities for them to interact with the local communities.

Naming the area for its activities "Brilliant Forest," Wakayama Group has been taking part in this initiative since April 2008, and this year marks the 12th anniversary.
"Brilliant Forest" comprises two areas, one for planting and growing trees such as cherry, maple and sawtooth oak while performing weeding, and the other for performing conservation work such as tree thinning and branch pruning on some 1,800 Japanese cypress and cedar trees. These add up to a total area that is as large as about 3.28 hectares.

A total of 83 participants, including employees, family members and retired employees of Wakayama Group, engaged in the work in the misty drizzle on the day of the event.
As tree thinning was performed last year, bushes had grown to a height of 50cm since the last round of undergrowth weeding two years ago. Nonetheless, participants weeded the grass skillfully and quickly, and planted another 200 saplings.

For the children's program that was launched since last year, a "hands-on nature experience" was held together with a local interpreter (nature guide), which included nature observation, blowing off maple seeds and animal quiz.
Opportunities like this that allow children to develop interest through enjoyable interactions with nature will help them to better appreciate the importance of forests and the global environment.

NTT West Wakayama Group will continue to engage in efforts to protect the global environment through the "Brilliant Forest" environmental conservation activities.

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