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LINE 342 NTT West Mie Branch "Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)" Forest Protection Activity

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 342NTT West Mie Branch "Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)" Forest Protection Activity May 31, 2019 NTT West Mie Group

On May 31, 2019 (Friday), NTT West Mie Group held the first round of the "Hikari no Mori (Bright Forest)" forest protection activity for this fiscal year.

Adopting the stance that "it is the social responsibility of a company to promote environmental conservation activities," this marks the 13th round of the activity since Mie Group began to take part in the "corporate forest" creation initiative promoted by Mie Prefecture since 2011. A total of 30 participants (17 male and 13 female), including current and retired employees, took part in the tree-thinning work and woodworking class on this day.

Weather has been persistently hot although it was May, but drizzle was expected on the day of the event.
Participants made their way to the venue through the mountain road on one of the six cars, and were divided into two groups to engage in tree thinning and attend a woodworking class respectively.

For tree thinning, a briefing on the instructions and explanation was provided by staff from Chusei Forest Owners' Cooperative and Tsu City Forestry Promotion Office before participants were divided into three teams, who then entered the Japanese cypress forest. After members of Chusei Forest Owners' Cooperative demonstrated how thinning is performed, participants then cut a slit in the cypress trees and pulled them down together with a rope that was secured to another tree.
At the woodworking class, participants learned to make items such as birdhouses, mini bath stools and chopsticks using the woodworking kits supplied with guidance from members of Chusei Forest Owners' Cooperative.
After about one hour, the tree-thinning and woodworking class teams switched places and all the participants were able to experience both activities.

At the end of the event, participants took a group photo in the drizzle. They brought home with them woodwork pieces they have created as well as souvenirs made from Japanese cypress trees that were sliced into thin pieces using a chainsaw by courtesy of the Forest Owners' Cooperative members. The smiles of the participants left a deep impression.

The activities were covered by Mie Television Broadcasting and Chunichi Shimbun. This was a good opportunity for more people to learn about the environmental protection activities of Mie Group.

NTT West Mie Group will continue to engage actively in such environmental protection activities.

Organizing company
NTT West Mie Branch
Mie Prefecture, Tsu City, Hakusan-cho, Aza Kitanunobiki 28-58 NTT West Mie Branch "Hikari no Mori"
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