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LINE 341 Participation in "Lake Hamana Cleaning Mission"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 341Participation in "Lake Hamana Cleaning Mission" June 2, 2019 NTT West Shizuoka Group

On June 2, 2019 (Sunday), the "Lake Hamana Cleaning Mission" was held at Lake Hamana (Hamamatsu City and Kosai City) located on the west side of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Hosted by "Hamanako no Mizu wo Kirei ni suru Kai (Committee for Keeping the Water of Lake Hamana Clean)," this activity was first launched in 1979 to conserve the environment around Lake Hamana, maintain the water quality of the lake and beautify the area. This year marks the 41st round of the mass cleaning activity.
Held on the first Sunday of every June, significant achievements have been made in recent years with as much as 50 tons of garbage being collected.

It was a cloudy day that was hot and humid, a weather that is characteristic of the rainy season. Fortunately, it did not rain during the activity.
A total of 106 participants, including employees, family members and retired employees of NTT West Shizuoka Group, gathered at Kanzanji Sun Beach located in Nishi-ku of Hamamatsu City.

Within the cleaning area of Shizuoka Group at the north side of Kanzanji Sun Beach stands a monument that is engraved with a Japanese poem (Kanzanji Matsuyama odashi umi wo kite koko wa koharu no irie sazanami) composed by Kitahara Hakushu. Kanzanji is a historic site that was visited by poets such as Saigyo Hoshi and Ktahara Hakushu, who have written haiku and tanka poems on the scenery that remain till today.

Participants engaged in the work while paying careful attention to prevent heatstroke. During the cleaning activity, trash was sorted into combustible and non-combustible wastes, as well as natural wastes such as sea algae and wood debris that were washed ashore. Much effort was needed to carry the heavy natural wastes to the collection point as they have absorbed a large amount of water.
Thanks to the cooperation of all the participants, the entire area became amazingly clean, and Kanzanji Sun Beach is now ready again to start its preparations to welcome visitors who come here to swim or enjoy water sports in summer.

NTT West Shizuoka Group will continue to engage actively in the cleaning and beautification activities together with the local community so as to preserve and hand down to future generations the bountiful nature of Lake Hamana and surrounding areas.

Total of 3,888 participants from 97 groups at 19 sites in Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City

[Amount of trash collected]
Combustible wastes: 6 tons
Non-combustible wastes: 5.35 tons

Natural wastes such as sea algae and wood debris (amount collected was not measured) will be dried and reused as fertilizers.

Participating companies
NTT West Shizuoka Business Unit companies (NTT West Shizuoka Branch, NTT Business Solutions, NTT Marketing Act, NTT Fieldtechno, NTT Neomeit, NTT-West Business Front, NTT Business Associe West)
NTT Facilities
Retired employees
Hamamatsu City, Nishi-ku, Kanzanji Sun Beach
No. of participants

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