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LINE 334 Participation in "Satoyama (Village Forest) Development at Kozono-yama Oyama-yama Green Belt"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 334Participation in "Satoyama (Village Forest) Development at Kozono-yama Oyama-yama Green Belt" June 1, 2019 NTT West Kumamoto Group

On June 1, 2019 (Saturday), NTT West Kumamoto Group took part in the satoyama (village forest) development work at the Kozono-yama Oyama-yama green belt located in Higashi-ku of Kumamoto City.

This activity is intended to transform a part of the green belt into a satoyama (village forest) in response to the occurrence of harmful invasion into surrounding vegetation due to the rapid proliferation of moso bamboos, which block off sunlight and cause trees to wither by sucking up nutrients from the soil. Earth Greenery Activities Japan (EGAJ), an NPO, was commissioned by Kumamoto City to hold this activity. This is the sixth time Kumamoto Group participated in the event.

It was cloudy on the day of the event, which was participated by a total of about 60 members of Kumamoto Group who engaged in the work together with members of EGAJ as well as those from the local community association.
In the opening address, Mr. Mitsui, Manager of General Affairs Department, expressed gratitude to the participants for their support on a non-working day and urged everyone to take precautions to prevent injury and to take plenty of water so as to avoid heatstroke due to rise in the surrounding and body temperature despite the cloudy weather.

This was followed by a briefing to the participants on the details of the activity and the necessary instructions, who then engaged in tasks including cutting bamboos and moving them, loading them onto the truck, weeding inside the green space and moving the cosmos plants.
We hope that the cosmos that were planted this time will add pleasure to the "Rugby World Cup 2019" event that will be held in October in Kumamoto.

After work was completed, participants wiped off the pleasant sweat from their hard work while enjoying their lunchbox meal. Participants were able to develop a stronger awareness and sense of unity toward this volunteer activity.
NTT West Kumamoto Group will continue to engage in environmental conservation efforts through this activity.

Participating companies
NTT West Kumamoto Group
NPO - Earth Greenery Activities Japan (EGAJ)
Local community association
Kumamoto Prefecture, Higashi-ku, Oyama, Kozono-yama Oyama-yama green belt
No. of participants
85 (including 60 from Kumamoto Group)

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