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LINE 333 Creating a Beautiful "Satoumi" through Everyone's Efforts!

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 333Creating a Beautiful "Satoumi" through Everyone's Efforts! May 26, 2019 NTT West Hokuriku Group

On May 26, 2019 (Sunday), NTT West Hokuriku Group took part in the "Clean Beach Ishikawa in Kanazawa" event.

This activity aims at maintaining the beautiful coastline of Ishikawa, which is about 583km in length. Kicked off in 1995, the activity has continued to grow into one that involves all the prefectural residents.
This year saw a total turnout of about 14,000 participants from the six municipalities of Kanazawa, Hakusan, Hakui, Uchinada, Nakanoto and Noto, including 183 members who are employees, family members and retired employees of Hokuriku Group, which has taken up the role of a volunteer leader.

It was extremely hot on the day of the event unlike the usual weather in May. Members of Hokuriku Group worked together with people from local companies and citizen volunteers to clean the approximately 1km stretch of coastline at the Senkoji area in Kanazawa City since 7 a.m.

Trash was found scattered across a wide area, most of which were buried in the sand and extremely dirty. It was not possible for individuals for pick up all the wastes, but thanks to the cooperation of all the participants, trash was removed from every single corner of the beach, helping to restore the original beauty of the coastline at the end of the activity.

Although the participants looked somewhat tired at the end of the cleaning work, they naturally exchanged words of appreciation thanking one another for their hard work, which helped to cheer up the mood.

Currently, pollution due to the growing amount and littering of plastic wastes in the seas of Japan as well as those around the world have posed a widespread health hazard to mankind. Through this activity, all the participants have been prompted to think about the importance of developing an awareness toward reducing plastic wastes both at home and at the workplace.

NTT West Hokuriku Group will continue to work together with the local communities to engage in environmental conservation activities so as to maintain the beauty of this "satoumi (local coastlines)" and hand it down to the future generations.

Amount of trash collected throughout the entire "Clean Beach Ishikawa in Kanazawa" activity: 13.42 tons

Participating companies
NTT West Hokuriku Regional Headquarters
NTT Business Solutions
NTT Marketing Act
NTT Fieldtechno
NTT Neomeit
NTT Business Associe West
NTT Finance
Kanazawa City, Senkoji area
No. of participants

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