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LINE 330 Participation in 2019 Spring "Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission"

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 330FParticipation in 2019 Spring "Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission" May 18, 2019 NTT West Tokai Group

On May 18, 2019 (Saturday), we took part in the first round of the "2019 Spring Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission" social action program (organized by the Fujimae Higata Cleaning Mission Executive Committee) since the start of the new Reiwa era.
Held twice a year in spring and autumn, a total of 82 participants who are employees and family members as well as retired employees of NTT West Yamaguchi Group took part in the activity.

It was cloudy on the day of the event, which was an ideal weather for cleaning work. However, strong wind was blowing at the center levee of river bank where the activity took place.

An opening ceremony was held by the organizer at 10 a.m. before cleaning work started.
In the opening address, the organizer mentioned that large amounts of trash were washed ashore last year as a result of the several typhoons that hit the Tokai region. Although a cleanup activity was also held last autumn, there remained loads of trash, particularly plastic bottles.

After the opening ceremony, the participants spent about 10 minutes to proceed to the area to be cleaned on foot.
Upon arriving, we saw trash scattering between the reeds, as described by the organizer at the opening ceremony.
Participants moved down to the river bank with a trash bag in their hand and started cleaning, and the bags became full in no time. After completing the work, a beautiful scenery unfolded before our eyes with the surrounding area looking much cleaner than before.

Although it may seem clean at first glance, fine pieces of plastics are still found between the reeds, which are one of the causes of pollution. While work was in progress, we could see the plastics being blown off in all directions by the wind. Many may think that the quantity of bulky wastes has decreased with the stronger environmental awareness, but plastic wastes continue to increase every ear.
I believe this event provided an opportunity for the participants to think about the future of plastics which we are using every day without giving it much thought.

At the end of the activity, the participants deepened exchange with each other and had a meaningful time together while enjoying their meals.
NTT West Tokai Group will continue its effort to conserve biodiversity and protect the nature through such social action programs and hand them down to future generations.

[Information Released by Organizing Company]
笆?Center levee area (Cleaning area by NTT West Tokai Group)
繝サNo. of participants: 600
繝サAmount of trash collected: 1,129 bags (45 liters/bag)

笆?All cleaning areas
繝サTotal no. of participants: 1,510
繝サAmount of trash collected: 2,034 bags (45 liters/bag)

Participating companies
NTT West Tokai Regional Headquarters
NTT Business Solutions Tokai Branch
NTT Marketing Act Tokai Branch
NTT Fieldtechno Tokai Branch
NTT Neomeit Tokai Branch
NTT Business Associe West Tokai Branch
Tokai Denden-kyuyukai (organization for retirees)
Retirees' Association
Around center levee of Fujimae Higata (tidal flat),
Nagoya, Minato-ku
No. of participants

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