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LINE 329 FY2019 Bamboo Forest Maintenance Volunteer Activity at "Yamaguchi Daijingu" Shrine

Midori Ippai Project Activities LINE 329FY2019 Bamboo Forest Maintenance Volunteer Activity at "Yamaguchi Daijingu" Shrine May 18, 2019 NTT West Yamaguchi Group

On May 18, 2019 (Saturday), members of NTT West Yamaguchi Group held a volunteer activity to maintain the bamboo forest in Yamaguchi Daijingu shrine of Yamaguchi City.

It was drizzling on the day of the activity, and a total of 57 participants, including 39 current and retired employees of Yamaguchi Group as well as 18 members from Yamaguchi Prefecture Agriculture and Forestry Office and the "Bamboo Forest Volunteer Yamaguchi" group, took part in the event.
This year marks the 12th year of the Midori Ippai activity that was initiated by Yamaguchi Group in 2008, and this was the third round of the bamboo forest maintenance activity at Yamaguchi Daijingu.

Yamaguchi Daijingu shrine was built by dividing and transferring the enshrined deities and their statues from Ise Grand Shrine to a new location. In the old days, Yamaguchi Daijingu prospered as a shrine that people in the west of Japan could visit as they were unable to travel all the way to Ise. For this reason, it has been commonly referred to by the people as "nishi no Oisesama" (Ise Grand Shrine of the West) since early times.

Participants had to carry out maintenance work on slippery ground due to the rain, but thanks to the chief priest of Yamaguchi Daijingu shrine who held a ritual for the participants to pray for their safety, the activity ended smoothly without anyone getting injured during the bamboo plant cutting and branch removal work.
The activity allowed sunlight to penetrate and brighten up the bamboo forest once again, thereby helping to preserve the appearance of this historical architecture.

NTT West Yamaguchi Group will continue to actively engage in efforts to protect the global environment through the forest maintenance activities.

Organizing companies
NTT West Yamaguchi Group (NTT West Yamaguchi Branch, NTT Business Solutions, NTT Marketing Act, NTT Fieldtechno, NTT Business Associe, NTT Facilities, NTT InfraNet)
NTT Docomo CS Chugoku Yamaguchi Branch
Chugoku Denyukai Yamaguchi Subdivision
Koukokutsushinsha, Yamaguchi Branch
Japan Telecom Users Association, Yamaguchi Subdivision
Bamboo Forest Volunteer Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi Prefecture Agriculture and Forestry Office, Forest Department, Forestation Promotion Section
Yamaguchi City, Takimachi 4-4
No. of participants

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