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Third-party Opinions

Third-party Opinions Third-party Opinions

Professor Katsuhiko Kokubu, Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University

Professor Katsuhiko Kokubu, Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University

Professor Kokubu completed his doctoral program at the Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University, where he was conferred the degree of Doctor in Business Administration. After working as an associate professor at Osaka City University and Kobe University, he became a professor at the Graduate School of Business Administration in Kobe University in 2001. In 2014, he was promoted to Dean of the Graduate School. Professor Kokubu also holds posts such as Chairman of ISO/TC207/WG8 and Chairman of MFCA Forum Japan.
His main published works include "CSR no Kiso (Fundamentals of CSR)" (Chuokeizai-sha, 2017), "Teitansogata Sapuraichein Keiei (Low Carbon Supply Chain Management)" (Chuokeizai-sha, 2015), "Kankyo Keiei Kaikei (Environment Management and Accounting)" (Yuhikaku Publishing, 2012).

Environmental strategy with focus on the Environmental Grand Design

Environment management at NTT West is implemented based on the three pillars of "achievement of the Environmental Grand Design," "expansion of environmental and energy businesses," and "promotion of biodiversity conservation activities." Under the Environmental Grand Design, activities are carried out with the aim of achieving the goals by FY 2020 in the three domains of (1) measures against global warming; (2) reduction of paper resources; and (3) reduction of wastes. The target for waste reduction has already been cleared with zero emission achieved. As for measures against global warming and reduction of paper resources, it seems like efforts of the NTT West Group are showing effect. However, I believe it is better to have more detailed information in order to determine whether the target can be achieved by FY 2020. Also, it would be a good timing now to conduct intermediate evaluations in these areas and reconsider the long-term goals.

Environmental targets that reflect international trends

It is commendable that NTT West has been implementing the environment strategy steadily ever since its formulation in 2012. However, global conditions revolving environment management has been changing drastically over the years. In particular, the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" adopted by the UN in 2015 and the "United Nations Convention on Climate Change (Paris Agreement)" that took effect in 2016 have a great impact on all the active enterprises around the world. Against this backdrop, I believe it is necessary for NTT West to review its environmental strategy. Active participation by the private sector is expected particularly for achieving the SDGs. Being an entity with businesses that have a strong commitment to public service, I sincerely hope that NTT West will review the contributions it can make while taking into consideration new environmental targets.

Reduction of CO2 over the entire life cycle

In order to respond to the international trends in environment management, it is important that NTT West puts efforts in Scope 3. Scope 3 applies not only within the scope of business activities, but measures CO2 emission based on the entire supply chain (value chain). The scope has recently been enhanced with the new addition of "Category 1." Reduction of CO2 in the entire supply chain is seen as one of the most important activities internationally. I hope that NTT West will be able to expand its efforts for Scope 3 from calculation to the formulation and implementation of specific reduction plans. By adding targets based on Scope 3 to the Environmental Grand Design, the environmental strategy of NTT West will make a big leap toward the world standard. I look forward to the future developments of NTT West.

Response to Third-party Opinions

In the current yearly environmental report, we have published the major global environment conservation activities by the NTT West Group in FY 2015 as well as data on our achievements. Through this report, we hope more readers will be able to gain an understanding of our endeavors.
In response to the third-party opinion that we have received concerning our progress toward achieving the FY 2020 goals in the Environmental Grand Design, we will conduct a detailed check on whether the targets can be achieved, and examine as well as formulate new environmental targets to achieve by FY 2030 while making reference to the international trends.
As for reduction of CO2 over the entire life cycle, we hope to make further contributions through CO2 reduction in the services we offer to our customers. Every employee at the NTT West Group will continue to make the best use of our wisdom and effort to carry out business activities that are environment-friendly, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of mankind.

Environment Management Promotion Office
Technology Innovation Department
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation

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