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Environmental Load of Business Activities

Scope 3 Scope 3

Greenhouse Gas Emission of Entire Supply Chain “Scope 3”

For conservation of the global environment, efforts to reduce the environmental load including all supply chains related to business activities are important. In addition to “Emissions generated directly by fuel use, etc. (Scope 1)” and “Emissions generated indirectly in conjunction with electrical and other energy use, etc. (Scope 2)” that were items we have reported on in the past, we calculated “Indirect emissions generated over the whole value chain (Scope 3)” based on the “Basic Guidelines on ccounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Throughout the Supply Chain (Ver2.1)” (Revision in March 2014, Ministry of the Environment & Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). For “Category 1,” which we had not been able to work out a figure in the last fiscal year, we have adopted a new approach to enhance the accuracy of the calculation. We will further promote green procurement and waste reduction, and continue to make efforts toward the reduction of our entire environmental load related to our business activities.

Scope & Category Emissions (10,000t-CO2)
Scope 1 (Emissions generated directly by fuel use, etc.) 3.4
Scope 2 (Emissions generated indirectly in conjunction with electrical and other power use, etc.) 111.6
Scope 3 (Indirect emissions generated over the whole value chain) 286.9
Category 1 Purchased goods and services 45.0
Category 2 Capital goods 81.5
Category 3 Fuel and energy related activities not included in Scope 1 or 2 7.5
Category 4 Transportation and delivery (upstream) 0.09
Category 5 Waste generated in operations 1.8
Category 6 Business travel 0.19
Category 7 Employee commuting 0.17
Category 8 Leased assets (upstream) --
Category 9 Transportation and delivery (downstream) --
Category 10 Processing of sold products --
Category 11 Use of sold products 149.7
Category 12 End-of-life treatment of sold products 0.96
Category 13 Leased assets (downstream) --
Category 14 Franchises --
Category 15 Investments --
Total of Scope 1, 2, and 3 401.9

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