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Environment Management by NTT West

Global Environmental Charter Environmental Management Promotion System

Organization Chart

We have established the "NTT West Group Charter for Global Environment" with the belief that it is the social responsibility of both companies and the society to promote activities for protecting the environment. Based on this charter, NTT West Group promotes environmental protection activities by defining goals as well as items for implementation and management.

  • *1 Decide, manage and review NTT Group’s environmental policies and measures for each task.
  • *2 Establishes basic principles in NTT West Group’s promotion of CSR, and strive to ensure a consistent stance at the management level.
  • *3 Deliberations, formulation of measures and sharing of progress of various efforts in promotion of environmental protection by the NTT West Group are conducted.
  • *4 While coordinating with NTT Group companies, as the administration office of the Green NTT West Promotion WG, the Environmental Management Promotion Office examines environmental policies and measures of the NTT West Group, deploys policies and measures, and shares the progress with NTT West Group companies.

Implementation Management Programs

At NTT West Group, the KPIs used mainly for measuring the degree of contribution toward reduction of the environmental load are defined by the Environment Management Promotion Office in the "Implementation Management Program," and progress of implementation of the different activities is managed through quarterly or yearly reports by the respective organizations within the group.

KPIs of the Implementation Management Program

■Items on Numerical Value Management
  • ・Total amount of paper used, amount of pure pulp used, amount of environment-friendly pure pulp used
  • ・Total amount of wastes generated and final disposal amount from construction works, civil engineering works, dismantled telecommunications facilities and offices
  • ・CO2 emission (electricity, gas and fuel, company vehicles)
■Items on Recycling Quantity Management
  • ・Recycle ratio of wastes from construction works, civil engineering works, dismantled telecommunications facilities and offices
  • ・Recycle quantity of small secondary batteries for telecommunication equipment
  • ・Quantity of polystyrene foam used for packagings
■Items on Proper Processing Management
  • ・Management of articles using PCB (amount of stored articles and discarded articles)
  • ・Proper handling of special control industrial wastes (asbestos, unwanted batteries, etc.)
  • ・Proper processing of medical wastes
  • ・Proper management of equipment using CFC
■Items on Progress Management
  • ・Introduction of renewable and new energy
  • ・Midori Ippai Project (biodiversity conservation activities)
  • ・Clean environment mission (cleaning activities for regional environment)
  • ・Green procurement
  • ・Application of Green Design Guidelines

Green Guidelines

In the provision of telecommunication services, NTT West owns numerous telecommunications facilities and buildings for housing these facilities.
Furthermore, we procure many materials from the outside to build our telecommunications facilities. It can be assumed that there is an environmental load due to the construction, possession, operation, and dismantling of buildings, as well as business activities including research and development.
Thus, NTT Group stipulated the “Green Guidelines” to reduce this environmental load. In the Green Guidelines, “Guidelines for Green Procurement ” regarding telecommunications facilities, “Green Design Guidelines for Buildings” regarding the planning, design, management and dismantling of buildings, ""NTT Group Energy-saving Performance Guidelines"" regarding the development and procurement of ICT devices used in the company such as routers and servers, and “Green R&D Guidelines” regarding research and development were established to promote the reduction of environmental load generated from the services that we provide.

Environmental Audit

To ensure compliance with regulations related to the applicable environmental laws, we conduct environmental audits within each organization in the form of self-checks to promote business activities that are friendly to the global environment.

Each relevant section conducts an annual self-check on compliance with the environmental laws, progress of the implementation management programs, and the degree of establishment of environmental protection activities.

Environmental Education and Environmental Communication

The NTT West Group plans various types of internal seminars and training and provides proactive training sessions on the environment as listed below so individual employees can voluntarily become aware of environmental protection and implement efforts toward reducing their environmental load during daily business activities.

Environmental Protection Trainings
We conduct trainings yearly for every member working at the NTT West Group to cultivate their awareness toward the importance of environmental measures and environmental protection activities. In FY 2015, we conducted web-based environmental protection trainings for about 66,000 staff.
Environmental Self-check Seminars
NTT West Group holds environmental self-check seminars for the personnel who are in charge of conducting self-checks at each section.
Being a part of the overall environmental education, the seminars are designed not only to enable participants to learn the skills for performing self-check, but also to familiarize them with the relevant environmental laws and related social trends as well as enhance their awareness toward activities for protecting the environment. In FY 2015, 126 employees participated in the seminars.
Since FY 2006, the seminars have been held in the form of distant training to help ease the burden on the environment.
eco Certification
We promote the acquisition of the eco certification to enhance the knowledge of each employee toward environmental issues. 170 staff obtained the certification in FY 2015, bringing the cumulative total number of certified employees to 2,144.
Website for NTT Group Employees
By posting internal publicity documents related to environmental conservation as well as the efforts and best practices of each section, the site has helped to promote exchange of information between sections, enhance the efficiency of implementing environmental measures by each section, and heighten employees’ awareness toward environmental conservation.

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