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Environment Management by NTT West

Global Environmental Charter NTT West Group Charter for Global Environment

Based on the belief that corporations, which are inseparable from the society, are responsible for promoting activities to protect the environment, we established the “NTT West Charter for Global Environment.” Based on the provisions of the charter, our Group set forth targets and execution management items for promoting activities to conserve the environment.

NTT West Group Charter for Global Environment

Basic Philosophy

In order to harmonize with the nature and to realize sustainable development for years to come, NTT West Group shall, in compliance with the charter, make the best effort in all its business activities together with its group companies toward protecting the global environment.

Main Principles

1. Legal Compliance & Social Responsibility

We shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection, and fulfill our corporate responsibilities from a global perspective.

2. Reduction of Environmental Load

We shall set action goals for reducing greenhouse gas emission, saving energy, saving materials such as the amount of paper used, and cutting down wastes, and we shall strive to make continuous improvements.

3. Establishment & Maintenance of Environmental Management System

By establishing an environmental management system, each office shall take actions voluntarily to protect the environment in order to prevent pollution and reduce environmental risks.

4. Dissemination of Eco-technology

We shall contribute to reducing the environmental load through actively disseminating the achievements of research and development efforts such as through multimedia services.

5. Contributions via Social Support

Cooperating with local residents and the government offices, we shall strive to support the activities for environmental protection.

6. Disclosure of Environment-related Information

We shall engage in active communication within and outside the Group by disclosing information related to the environment.

7. Preservation of Biodiversity

We shall grasp the relationship of biodiversity with business, and promote efforts for it to be inherited by future generations.

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