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Our Efforts in FY 2015

Environmental & Energy Activity Efforts in the Environmental and Energy Businesses

NTT West Group offers a diverse array of services that make use of ICT to promote protection of the global environment as well as energy-saving by the society.
In FY 2015, we have launched the HEMS service that utilizes the Hikari BOX+ information equipment. Also, the "Eco Megane" service, which was previously offered to households for monitoring solar power generation remotely, is now extended to PPS. Please see below for more details.

Wider range of equipment that supports Hikari BOX+ (EMS version) with the HEMS controller feature - compatibility with high-efficiency gas water heater (Eco-Jozu), etc.

[Service Overview]
Hikari BOX+ (EMS version) is a HEMS controller that supports connection to a smart meter, which enables visualization of power consumption by utilizing devices such as a TV monitor or smartphone, as well as control of home appliances such as air-conditioners and electric water heaters. With the addition of this new feature, connection with Eco-Jozu(*), a high-efficiency gas water heater, is now supported, and it can be used to monitor the operation and status of hot water supply and floor heating.
*Eco-Jozu is a registered trademark of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

Provision of HEMS services to electric power retailers using Hikari BOX+

Starting from July 2015, it is possible to customize the main screen when Hikari BOX+ is started up according to the needs of electric power retailers and the like by making use of the "special screen display" feature on the Hikari BOX+ (EMS version) for corporate users.
Also, we have expanded and updated the list of home appliances that can be connected (white list)(*).
*The items that can be operated or viewed vary according to the manufacturer and model of the home appliance.

Development of a new "Eco Megane" platform for PPS - adoption of the "Jibun Denryoku" service by Ecosystem Japan Co., Ltd.

NTT Smile Energy, a member of the NTT West Group, has made customizations to enable calculation of electricity prices based on power consumption at the household level by allowing the use of "Eco Megane", a service for the remote monitoring of solar power generation, as a platform for PPA (Power Purchase Agreement: agreement that is concluded between a power company and the party generating the power) models such as the "Jibun Denryoku" service offered by Ecosystem Japan Co., Ltd.

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