August 8, 2003

Application for Corporate IP Telephone Service

To meet the growing need in the corporate sector for low-cost telephone services, NTT West Corporation and NTT East Corporation (NTT East and NTT West) plan to release the Corporate IP Telephone Service and today have applied to the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications for approval to set charges for inter-prefecture and international calls and calls to mobile and PHS telephones originating from this service.

Information about the conditions of service and charges will be announced separately.

1. Application Details

The Corporate IP Telephone Service uses a dedicated IP telephone network and enables customers to place calls to subscribers of Corporate IP Telephone Service and fixed-line telephone service. (See attachment.)

Approval is required for NTT East and NTT West to set end-to-end charges for calls originating from this service that use telecommunications services provided by other telecommunications carriers (inter-prefecture, international, mobile telephone, and PHS telephone calls).

2. Implementation Schedule (provisional)

NTT East and NTT West plan to start the service after approval is received and as soon as preparations allow. NTT West plans to provide the service in Osaka City and NTT East plans to provide the service in the 23 wards of Tokyo in October 2003.

- [Attachment] Corporate IP Telephone Service

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