Smart "HIKARI" Solution

The new aspiration of NTT WEST Group.We are aspiring to develop services that give rise to a new culture which will change the way people live and work.In order to turn previously unrealized future possibilities into reality, we are teaming together with partners who possess diverse and outstanding "strengths" in the form of technology and knowhow.

What is Smart "HIKARI" Solution?

It is an optical network that runs through homes, offices and throughout the community. Using this network to link to our customers, our aim is to create convenient, comfortable environments utilizing information and communication technology (ICT).

  • Smart "HIKARI" Town Building futuristic communities in which residents will want to continue living.
  • Smart "HIKARI" Business Developing pleasant business environments and new possibilities.
  • Smart "HIKARI" Life Creating convenient, enjoyable new lifestyles.